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I am so thrilled to feature Shoshanna Gruss as one of my first LivLight “style setters.” She not only has impeccable style but is also a kind, supportive, and loving mother and friend. I have known Shoshanna for close to two decades (she gave me one of my first summer internships in college working in her showroom!) and have loved watching her grow her amazing business and beautiful family.

Just by looking at Shoshanna, you can tell that she’s doing something right in the health department. She hasn’t aged a day since her 20’s, has the most gorgeous, glowing skin, and has a smile that could light up the room. If you follow her on Instagram (@shoshannagruss), you know that her three gorgeous children are “first and foremost” in her life. You can also tell that Shoshanna balances motherhood and a thriving business with such grace and ease.

I was so excited to read Shoshanna’s “Light”ning Round to learn some tips from this incredible momma who is absolutely beautiful inside and out! Read on to see what she shared with LivLight and make sure to check out the slideshow above, which features some of Shoshanna’s new line available now on her website (www.shoshanna.com)

“Light”ning Round


I am…Shoshanna Gruss and I am a…momma to three yummy kiddos, founder and creative director of Shoshanna, a lover of nature and an expert lego builder.

My alarm goes off atway after I set it. I set it for 6, just in case, but I am usually up by 5am.

The first thing I do is…make coffee, walk the dog, and then settle in with my newspapers and emails. It’s one of my favorites times of day. I love the morning, and I love that quiet time to myself.

My favorite products areI love Sara Happ Lip Scrubs, Elizabeth Arden Superstart Skin Renewal is amazing, I also love their ceramics capsules. Lancome Hypnose mascara and Burts Bees Pomegranate lip balm.

For breakfast, I eat…I always start with an iced coffee with almond milk. I make the coffee the night before and put in the refrigerator. I don’t want to wait a single second, I just want to start drinking as soon as I open my eyes…then, around 7am I have hardboiled egg whites and a grapefruit.

My uniform is…Citizen of Humanity high waisted jeans, and a Chinti and Parker sweater.

My go-to workout is…I love the head clearing feel I get from jogging. Outside in the Spring and Summer, and treadmill in the Winter.

My favorite activewear is…LNDR and Stella McCartney for Adidas.

Lunch is…usually a salad from Chop’t at my desk. I rarely go out to lunch, but if I do, it’s Fred’s at Barneys.

Snack is…a bowl of berries and almonds, in almond milk.

My version of self-care…I love to get a massage (from Namaste NY) at home after the kids go to sleep, and then climb right in my bed myself after.

To drink…Vodka and fresh lime juice.

My favorite dinner is…My 11-year-old and I get sushi together every Monday night, that’s the meal I look forward to the most!

Of books, Netflix or Housewives I choose…I just finished How to Murder Your Life by Cat Marnell, I couldn’t put it down, and now I am reading Loner, it’s super creepy and great so far….Netflix!!! I only watch Netflix! At the moment I am watching Sons of Anarchy, but I recently finished Orange is the New Black, Scandal, and Mad Men. Netflix is the best. I did watch the first few seasons of the Housewives, but I haven’t watched in so long. Those shows give me terrible anxiety. I can’t stand all of the yelling!

I am sleeping by…If up to me, 8pm, but usually I’m up with my 11 year helping with homework or trying to take her phone away until 10pm.

 after I…usually watch about 38 seconds of Netflix, and then I am out like a light. Its takes me about 15 tries to get through a single episode of anything!