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I have struggled with skin issues for as long as I can remember. I have super sensitive skin and I’m prone to breakouts. As I am sure you can imagine, I try to keep my skin clear using holistic measures, rather than western medicine. I have found that a daily probiotic and Chlorophyll supplement, as well as clean eating and tons of water really help, but I also love a great cleanout (see ya blackheads!) and exfoliation through facials.

On a recent trip to New York, I was thrilled to get an appointment for a facial at JTAV skincare, which I had been seeing everywhere (aka all over my Insta feed!). JTAV is short for founder Joie (pronounced Joey) Tavernise’s name! Joie has been in the biz for years and knows everything about great skin.

The JTAV office and staff are warm and welcoming, and I felt instantly comfortable in their care. I had an incredible facial with Alison who is also a major skincare guru! She did a deep exfoliation by dermaplanning the dead cells and vellous hairs off the skin (basically a little razor takes the very top layer off with no downtime…WIN), then used a detox gel and cleansed the pores under steam. Next up she used a no downtime skin rejuvenating laser to minimize pore size, stimulate collagen, and plump up fine lines and did an oxygen treatment, which is an antioxidant therapy that repairs aging and problematic skin. Finally, she did LED therapy and used an oxygen spray. WOW!!! Sounds like a lot, but it was all very relaxing and I left with rosy, glowing, and clear skin (unlike some facials I’ve had in the past where I left bright red, splotchy, and in pain!). I literally can’t wait to go back!

After I returned home, I was excited to interview Joie about everything skincare. Read on to see how she thinks your heath & wellness regimen affects your skin. And, if you live in NYC or plan to visit, make sure to book a facial at JTAV. You’ll thank me later!!! Click here for more info.

Interview with Joie Tavernise, JTAV Clincal Skincare

Tell us about your background and training in skincare.

I have been a practicing Esthetician for 16 years and when I was first starting out, I learned something that is still very true in my work today… It’s not just about making you look great when you leave, it’s about building a relationship that will give you young skin forever. I believe that no two faces are exactly alike, and therefore no two treatments are exactly alike. I want to make sure that every client I see has a completely individualized facial to address their specific needs. It is a very personal experience and I want my treatments to reflect that.

When did you start JTAV and how have you seen the skincare world change since?

I started JTAV in 2009 and over the past eight years, I have really seen an increase in younger clients. With the increase of beauty bloggers and skincare gurus popping up on social media, this doesn’t come as much of a surprise. Many of these younger viewers want to achieve the same glowing skin they see their favorite celebrities have on the red carpet, or on TV – a lot of them are starting to realize that it isn’t just makeup that makes your skin look flawless; it’s the work you do BEFORE the makeup that really makes the difference in the long run.

We hear so much about safe, non-toxic, etc. beauty these days. What “safe” products and/or procedures do you use and recommend?

Today there are more options for products that are safe and effective with active ingredients that have proven results. Recently we took on a new line, Vintner’s Daughter Active Botanical Serum, which is a luxurious, multi-correctional infusion of 22 of the world’s most active organic ingredients and it flies off our shelves. All of our procedures are safe however, we do ask all of our clients to fill out client intake forms describing any health or skin related issues we need to take into consideration for the procedures.

What role do you think diet and wellness play in maintaining beautiful skin? Are there certain foods you recommend your clients eat or stay away from?

Absolutely! Your skin is your largest organ; what you put into your body affects your skin. Drinking lots of water is a step in the right direction – keeping the skin hydrated will help to keep a youthful glow. Also, try and avoid foods with lots of sugars as this can increase breakouts.

In addition to food choices, what other wellness practices do you think affect the skin positively?

Working out helps to get the blood flowing and increase circulation, which has positive effects on the skin. Yoga and Meditation really allow us to find peace and clarity during the busy hustle of the day. Finding some time to just breath, decompress, and reflect has positive effects on the mind and body as well, which certainly shows through our skin.