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Have you been seeing and hearing about GHEE everywhere lately? Are you confused about what it is or how to use it? Several of my clients, friends, and followers have asked me about ghee, so I am excited to bring you all the deets from one of the best brands out there. Fourth & Heart is an artisanal ghee brand and has delicious flavors including, White Truffle Sea Salt, Madagascar Vanilla Bean, and Himalayan Pink Salt. They also have a pourable liquid oil and a spray, both of which I love to use while cooking, and recently launched to-go packets!

Ghee is a healthy fat that is anti-inflammatory and has been said to improve digestion, increase metabolism, and strengthen immunity and flexibily. It also has a high smoke point and requires no refrigeration.

Fourth & Heart founder, Raquel Gunsagar, is a mama who does it all! She is a devout Ashtangi, avid runner, mom of two boys, and serious foodie. She was so kind to chat with me and answer all of my Ghee questions. She also has given us some of her amazing products for a giveaway, so make sure to check that out on my instagram (@livlight_) to learn more.

Hope you’ll read on for my interview with Raquel to learn more about this amazing lactose and dairy-free “better butter!” Head to their site www.fourthandheart.com for more info and lots of great recipes.

Interview with Raquel Gunsagar, Fourth & Heart Founder

For our readers who don’t know, can you explain what ghee is and tell them a little bit about it?

Ghee is a butter upgrade. Essentially, we take pasture raised, grass-fed butter, cook it slowly and in the process the water evaporates, the milk solids harden and then we filter the golden butter oil through a sieve and that is ghee!

How and why did you start a ghee company?

I’ve used ghee since I was a teenager because my mother has always been into Ayurveda and Yoga. She later took a course at the California College of Ayurvedic Medicine so we made even more ghee as it’s considered an oil that helps your body digest vitamins and herbs. So when I thought about going back to work after having my children I wanted to go into food because I’m very particular about what I put into my body. While I realize, this particularity can be limiting it helps me know food trends just before they become trends. I just wanted to take an everyday product, like butter, and improve it with the ghee making process and then I thought to take it a step further and make flavored ghee, which at the time was not prevalent.

What sets Fourth & Heart apart from other brands?

We are 100% women founded. We make our own ghee. We are the first western flavored line of ghee’s. We are also the only salted ghee and the first to market on our hybrid ghee oil, spray and ghee on the go!

What are the major health benefits of ghee and why is it better than traditional butter or other oils (such an olive or avocado oil)?

It’s just an oil/fat that tastes like butter with all the benefits of the avocado oil and the coconut oil. So I welcome the use of blending oils. I just think most people want variety and cooking with an oil, with a high smoke point, that tastes like butter is a dream for most of us!

What are your favorite uses for ghee?

Making pancakes for my kids with the Madagascar Vanilla Bean Ghee. Using it for my fueled-up butter coffee in the morning. Tossing garlic ghee in my Gluten Free pasta for an easy meal and then the classic…Just spreading it on bread!

But now with the oil and spray I use the spray to line my baking pans and the oil to drizzle over pancakes, on soups and salads. You just can’t go wrong with Fourth & Heart ghee. It’s fun, delicious and fail proof cooking all in one.

What’s up next for Fourth & Heart?

Fourth & Heart will continue to innovate our product line focusing mostly on ghee. We’ve executed many firsts with ghee, and let’s just say, there are many more firsts where that came from! 🙂

Do you have a favorite recipe using Fourth & Heart that you could share with LivLight readers?

I absolutely love the Morning Star Pancakes. They are healthy pancakes for kids and adults from the classic Morning Star Muffin. www.fourthandheart.com/recipe/cranberry-pancakes/