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I have loved getting to “know” (we’ve actually only meant once in person, but have become insta BFFs!) Fortune Dushey and I am so excited to feature her on LivLight! As you can see, she is beyond adorable and so chic. She is a stylist, has an amazing lifestyle blog, and documents it all on her beautiful Instagram feed.

Make sure to check her out  @fortunedushey and on her website www.fortuneinspired.com. Just beware that you may want to hire her as your personal sylist on the spot. I know I do!!! Hope you’ll read on to learn more about Fortune and her fabulous style advice.

“Light”ning Round

I am…Fortune Dushey and I am a…wife, mother of three, lifestyle blogger, stylist, people lover, travel lover, and dreamer.

My alarm goes off at…7:00 am.

The first thing I do is…meditate (actually I brush my teeth first and then meditate).

My favorite products are…I have so many! I’m a product junkie!
Giorgio Armani Maestro Fusion Make Up
Tatcha Luminous Dewy Skin Mist
Kai Deodorant
Dr. Bronner’s Eucalyptus Body Soap
Oribe Shampoo
La Mer Moisturizer

For breakfast I eat…I always start off with hot water, lemon and honey. Ffactor approved pancakes or I’m obsessed with avocado toast from Sant Ambroeus. I typically switch out the toast with sesame GG’s – heaven! If I am on the run, my go to is the No Cow Bar in peanut butter flavor.

My uniform is…Helena Grlfrnd denim and a fashionable cashmere knit sweater. I alternate between my favorite Hermes ankle block heel boots and platform Saint Laurent sneakers.

My go-to workout is…Old school weight training at Equinox and Ballet Beautiful. I will try and fit in 40 minutes on the stair master once a week. During the summer I jump rope and run 4 miles by the beach a couple of days a week.

My favorite activewear is…I love Outdoor Voices, Spiritual Gangster tees, and leggings from Upside, Nike and Koral. I also love Alo’s athleisure wear that I layer over my gym clothes. Bandier is always a go to as well.

Lunch is…Some type of protein i.e. eggs, tuna or grilled salmon with a green salad or roasted veggies.

at my…dining room table or if eat out my 3 favorites go to’s… Amaranth, Via Quadronno or Sant Ambroeus.

Snack is…LivLight’s Back to School Balls. They’re so damn good.

My version of self-care is…Weekly therapy sessions and a good blowout always does the trick.

I drink…lots of water during the day, wine or vodka with club soda and fresh lime juice at night.

My favorite dinner is…Artichokes made any which way, a fresh chopped salad which always includes some type of olive and chicken fajitas without the tortilla. Does this still count as a fajita?

Of books, Netflix or Housewives I choose…Books.  A trip to Barnes & Noble is my literary indulgence.

I am sleeping by…11:30. I would love to get to sleep earlier, but let’s just call it #goals for now.

After I…Write in my gratitude journal.

Interview with Fortune Dushey

Do you shop for activewear for your clients? What are your favorite stores/sites? 

I typically shop with clients for casual, event attire and vacation pieces. My go to favorite shops for activewear are Bandier and I always pick up pieces from the boutique at Equinox where I workout. My favorite on line sites are Carbon 38 and Alo.

Do you see interest in activewear diminishing as more people are working out at home (streaming, peloton, etc)? 

No, I think people may exercise at home but they still work out at their favorite haunts because there is a certain energy at group classes that just gets you pumped up.  Regardless, people want to look effortlessly fashionable in their workout wear.

What are your favorite activewear trends right now and coming up for spring/summer? 

I like to keep things classic and basic. I rotate between different color leggings and inspirational tee’s.  Sometimes I will add in a print legging, my all time favorite being a palm tree print from The Upside. When I’m feeling fancy, I will knot my tee in the front or back. I’m not sure if this is a trend, but there a tons of crop tee’s and sweatshirts out there which I adore on days that my abs cooperate. Though this is still trending, you will never see me in a mesh or ripped legging.

Do you have any creative ways that you like to incorporate activewear into your everyday looks?

Not really – I leave active wear for the gym plus I have too many options in my closet that I need to amortize!