About two years ago, I was lucky enough to meet Laura McCall. We became fast friends seeing each other almost every day at Pure Barre class! One day she asked if I’d go to coffee after class to talk about something new she was up to. She had become a consultant for Beautycounter and thought it would be a great fit with my Health Coaching. When you think about it, what you put ON your body is equally as important as what you put IN your body, right?!? I fell instantly in love with everything about Beautycounter, especially as she explained their transparency and “Never List.”

“Beautycounter is based on transparency.  We are dedicated to having the strictest safety standards and letting the consumer know every single ingredient that is in each product.  There are no secrets…Did you know that the European Union has banned approximately 1300 potentially harmful ingredients from their products? The United States has banned 11.  Shocked?  I was too!  At Beautycounter we are very proud of our Never List.  We have banned over 1500 ingredients from our products.”-Laura McCall, Beautycounter

I happened to be pregnant with my second daughter when I learned about Beautycounter and the timing could not have been more perfect. I was obviously very concerned about what I was putting in my body and became much more aware of what I should be putting on my body. I started to examine my products more closely and take a better look at what I was using on my other daughter, who was a toddler at the time. The Beautycounter kids collection is amazing and I love knowing that I can use it safely on my girls. I am also obsessed with the sunscreen, especially the stick.  I keep it in my bag at all times and feel good knowing that I can use it on myself and my daughters on the go.

Beautycounter has grown over the past few years and now has a full line of skincare, makeup, bath & body products, and a kids collection.  I use products from every collection and absolutely love everything that I have tried.  Some of my favorites include the Charcoal Mask (as seen on my Instagram @livlight_), the Lip Gloss in Peony and the Lustro Shimmer Oil. These are all included in our special Beautycounter giveaway, so don’t miss out on that!

When I sat down with Laura, I asked about her favorites from Beautycounter.  We also talked about a day in the life of her eating (as always at LivLight!) and so much more. Hope you’ll read on for my interview with Laura to learn more about Beautycounter.  I think you’ll be utterly amazed and want to hope online and place an order today.

Laura’s top Beautycounter Picks… 

All available for purchase at www.beautycounter.com/lauramccall


Laura’s typical eating day… 

“I am guilty of putting myself last so I am usually trying to think of what to feed the kids and then what I eat.” 

Breakfast – Smoothie or Protein Shake with Chia or Pumpkin Seeds

Snack – An apple, grapes or a banana

Lunch – Wrap with Thai Curry hummus, spinach, leftover veggies and protein

Dinner – Spaghetti using black bean or edamame noodles (instead of wheat) with finely chopped spinach

Interview with Laura McCall, Beautycounter Consultant

How did you learn about Beautycounter and what motivated you to become a consultant?

When I was pregnant with my first son I started paying more attention to what I was eating, products I was using and the products I wanted to use for my kids.  I thought I was making safe choices by choosing brands that were marketed as “safe”, “organic” or “natural”.  I did seem to have a hard time finding products that I felt were effective AND safe.  Fast forward a few years and I saw that a friend had become a consultant for Beautycounter so I asked for more info.  She let me borrow her products for the weekend.  I loved them and didn’t want to give them back!  I did some research on the company and was shocked at all of the ingredients that were hidden in products that I was using. So I ordered some products for myself along with the Kids Bath Collection for the boys.  My son struggled with Eczema and all of the bath products that I used made his skin really red and splotchy.  I could tell a difference in his skin after using the products for just a few days.  My mother was diagnosed with breast cancer in her early 40s and her tumor was estrogen positive.  Once I learned how seriously parabens and hormone disruptors can mimic estrogen in our bodies I decided to become a consultant because there was no way that I couldn’t share what I learned with others.  I wish I would have known how behind our country was on safety and regulation on ingredients before then.

How is Beautycounter different from all the other lines on the market?

Beautycounter is based on transparency.  We are dedicated to having the strictest safety standards and letting the consumer know every single ingredient that is in each product.  There are no secrets.  As simple as that sounds, this is not at all how this industry typically works. Due to the lack of regulation companies can use the buzz words like “natural”, “botanical” and “safe” without any specific guidelines.  When it comes to the label there are many ways that companies can sneak-in harmful ingredients.  Did you know the word “Fragrance” is considered a trade secret so a company can use the word “Fragrance” on their label and they are not required to disclose the ingredients that are used to make-up that fragrance.  Also, when you see something labeled “Preservative-Free” and it contains any water at all then they are hiding the preservative somewhere or they are simply not telling the full story.  Products that contain water must have some type of preservative unless you are planning on keeping it refrigerated.  Again, due to lack of regulation they can label it “preservative-free” because they likely used ingredients in the manufacturing process that were already pre-preserved and therefore since they did not add it in their manufacturing process they are not required to disclose that.

Did you know that the United States has not passed a law since 1938 that regulates the personal care industry?  Did you know that the European Union has banned approximately 1300 potentially harmful ingredients from their products? The United States has banned 11.  Shocked?  I was too!  At Beautycounter we are very proud of our Never List.  We have banned over 1500 ingredients from our products. In our dedication to transparency, we promise to never use any of those ingredients in any of our products. We are constantly researching and adding to that list as well.

I tell people all of the time that small changes can make a big difference when it comes to your health.  We won’t be able to avoid everything that may be harmful for us in today’s world but there are some things we can take charge of and places where we can make changes.  Personal care products are an easy switch and Beautycounter has done the hard work for you.

There are some amazing minds and talents behind these products.  The head of creative design is Christy Coleman.  She is a makeup artist that became known in Hollywood for being the first to clean-up her products and search for safer options.  She will never put her signature on anything that wouldn’t perform like she needs it to for her job. Last but not least…Beautycounter is a certified B corporation.  This means that we put People, Planet and Profit in that order.  It is a standard that is not easy to achieve and maintain and Beautycounter is doing an amazing job at really being a force for positive change in so many ways.

What is your daily Beautycounter Regimen?

I have learned that washing my face every night is really important so I always try to do that no matter how tired I am.  I switch between the Nourishing Cream Cleanser, the Cleansing Balm or the Charcoal Cleansing Bar to wash my face because I really love them all.  After cleansing, I like to use the Rejuvenating Radiance Serum, an eye cream and the Soothing Face Oil.  Sometimes I will add a few drops of the oil into the day or night cream.  In the morning I typically do the same routine and then add Dew Skin as an SPF protection.  If I am wearing makeup that day I apply the Tint Skin with the retractable brush (so fast and easy), use a cream blush and a little eye shadow, mascara and I am ready to go in a few minutes!

How has your skin changed since you started using Beautycounter?

I started suffering from Rosacea after my second son was born.  The cleansers along with the Face Oil #1 helped my symptoms tremendously! Since using safer products I am also more aware of how food affects my skin. If I indulge in sugary foods my rosacea is worse the next day.  It is a good reminder to drink lots of water and that what you put in your body is as important as what you put on your skin. The Charcoal Cleansing Bar has really helped brighten my skin and combat any breakouts when I don’t make the best food choices.

For those readers looking to take the leap and start something new (like you did with Beautycounter), what advice would you offer them?

Of course I would say do it now! That goes for signing-on as a consultant or for just starting a new, safer skincare routine!  I am a full-time mom of two very active boys, I have a husband that works long hours and I also work part-time as an Audiologist.  I knew that I wanted to continue my career as an audiologist after I took some time away after my second son was born and never thought that I could fit being a Beautycounter consultant into my life.  I really believe in Beautycounter and the mission of educating others on the reality of the ingredients in our products and ultimately I want a safer/healthier word for my children.  Being a voice for change, making social impact, using products that are safe and perform all while being financially rewarded is a pretty sweet job.  I love meeting new people while sharing these products and love seeing them get just as excited about learning more and making changes in their lifestyles.

What types of fitness do you enjoy and what are your favorite brands of fitness apparel to wear?

I found Pure Barre three years ago and it has been hands down my favorite group exercise class.  My body definitely changed doing it 3-4 times per week.  The music (and awesome instructors and classmates) keep me motivated through class and it never fails to challenge me each time.  I broke my kneecap in the spring and although the recovery has been slow it has been great knowing that I have a low-impact but effective exercise to turn to.  I also enjoy doing spin classes when I can fit them in. Cardio is not my forte but I love the feeling after completing a spin class and again, I need that group class atmosphere to get me through! I have always loved swimming laps for exercise but now that I have kids it is more difficult to fit that in due to the time it takes to get to the pool, get dressed, shower and redress after it.  I need something quick and effective these days.  My next goal is to try yoga! I can’t believe I have never tried it!  I would have to say that I really love all of my pants from Beyond Yoga because they are all so soft and comfy!

We know that being a working mom can become all consuming. How do you incorporate self-care into your daily or weekly routine?  

Hmm..I think I am still working on that! Thanks for the reminder!   Before I broke my kneecap I was going to Pure Barre class at 6 am as much as I could.  As tired as I was in the mornings it really changed my day to get up early and exercise so I need to start doing that again.  On Sunday evenings I try to take some “me time” and put on my Charcoal Mask and read or watch some random new series on Netflix (because they are all so good).  Whenever possible I try to plan a dinner/lunch or just time to meet with friends and reconnect.   I think that is really important to remember as a mom because sometimes we can feel like our “mom-life” has taken over when really we are all in this crazy life together!