When people hear the name LivLight, I think they automatically assume it’s all about food and/or diet. However, it actually refers to living a little lighter in all areas of your life. Of course, food and diet might be a good place to start. If you eat a little less quantity and a lot better quality, you are likely to feel a little lighter right away! But, what if you also take some time to think about what else is weighing (couldn’t resist the pun!) you down? Today I’m going to talk about clutter, and how working to remove it, can help you LivLight!

Do you have a lot of clutter in your life? Clutter, in the literal sense, like around your house, car or office, but also clutter in your mind and/or emotions. Literal clutter, as well as mental and emotional clutter, can make us feel disorganized, anxious, cloudy, depressed, claustrophobic and a multitude of other feelings. If you can try to slowly cut out clutter (all types) you might be able to focus and see life more clearly, and likely you may feel a little lighter!

But, how? I recommend starting slowly with the actual clutter around your house, car, office, etc. This will be more difficult for those of us who have slight hoarding tendencies and might be quite easy for those who love to shed. I personally can’t stand having a lot of “clutter” around me, but have a hard time getting rid of things (a trait I blame my father and grandmother for!!). Luckily, my husband is a total minimalist and has little attachment to most things, so he has helped me learn to de-clutter.

A good trick is to look at everything you have and decide what brings you joy. For example, look at your closet. Most closet organizers would say if you haven’t worn something in year, give it away, but I don’t necessarily agree. Instead maybe look through and ask yourself what brings you joy. If a dress makes you feel fat or reminds you of a bad memory from a time you wore it, get rid of it. On the flip side, if you have a bag that was your grandmother’s and is completely out of style, but feels special to you, absolutely keep it (and, more than likely the style will come back around!).

Go through drawers and get rid of garbage, old needless paperwork, your flip phone from 2001, dried out pens, old magazines, etc. etc. You get the point. Make three piles…trash, donate and keep. Make sure to sift through the “keep” pile one more time, before you put everything back, to make certain it’s filled with only necessities and/or things that bring you joy!

Don’t get discouraged if this is difficult. It will be. And, its extremely time consuming. Take one room or area at a time and don’t stress if it takes days, weeks or months. Throughout the process you will likely become more mindful about the things you buy and what you hold on to. Each time you throw out a bag of garbage or donate a bag of old books or clothes, it will be liberating and you will start to feel the joy of what it is to LivLight.

Stay tuned for Part Two…