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A few months ago, my best girlfriend in Los Angeles called me and said, “I’ve discovered the greatest workout ever, it has completely changed my body, I love it, and you need to check it out for LivLight.” When your BFF says something like that, you surely listen! I immediately googled WundaBar Pilates and knew she was right.

WundaBar Pilates and creator, Amy Jordan, are like nothing else out there. Amy has created her own in-studio method (with eight Cali locations and one brand-new studio in NYC), her own reformer on steroids called a WundaFormer, and most recently MOVEMENT by WundaBar, a version of the workout for at home or on the road.

While I haven’t gotten to take an actual in-person class yet (definitely top of the list for my next LA or NYC trip!), I have loved exploring the MOVEMENT classes at home. On top of being gorgeous and having the sickest body, Amy has the kindest energy and way about her. She meets you wherever you are with modification options for almost every movement, while being super motivating and challenging you at the same time.

I am so excited to feature Amy and WundaBar and hope you’ll read on for her “Light”ning Round and Interview. I’ve also included a short video from Amy that you’ll definitely want to check out! For more information, head to her website https://www.wundabar.com and her Instagram @wundabarpilates!

“Light”ning Round

I am…Amy Jordan and I am a…a mother of two simply delicious little human beings, a movement enthusiast and the creator/CEO of WundaBar Pilates.

My alarm goes off at…5:45am.

The first thing I do is…drink water and check texts for any studio emergencies and happy surprises sent overnight.

My favorite products are… 

Advanced Clinicals Hyaluronic Acid Masks – super accessible at $10.92 per 5 pack!

Smith & Cult Nail Polish, Powder Posse color

Glossier Body Hero Daily Oil Wash (the scent and softness is to die for)

For breakfast I eat…WundaShake – every. damn. day. Even when I travel. It’s my own little concoction including spinach, apple, avocado, chia seeds, SunWarrior vegan protein powder, and raw cacao. Y-U-M.

My uniform is…pilates gear and my blush pink APL kicks from Bandier. If I’m not in gear, I’m either in skinny jeans, a white tank and a bomber jacket or a sundress and high heeled sandals.

My go-to workout is…WUNDABAR PILATES (you saw that coming!) or the PILATES MOVEMENT by WundaBar – our in-studio experience taken home!

My favorite activewear is…You truly can’t make me pick just one. Among my go-to brands are Koral, Carbon38, NUX, Varley, Free People Movement and Montiel. 

Lunch is…Oh dear, too often it’s in the carpool line to pick up my son from school. Often tuna salad and raspberries! 

Snack is…an apple with raw almond butter. I’ve got both of my littles hooked on it too!

My version of self-care is…exercise with friends and tea or lavender lattes afterwards. I’m also a VERY big fan of a nightly bath with a book and herbal tea, or sometimes even a splash of wine.

I drink…water, tea and champagne!

My favorite dinner is…sushi, every time. Sugarfish is my current fave. Being an LA baby born and raised, Mexican food is very high on my list of go-to dinners. I either go hometown style at Joselito’s in Montrose, CA (less than a mile from the home I was raised in) or the most astoundingly delicious vegan Mexican restaurant in West Hollywood, CA — Gracias Madre.

Of books, Netflix or Housewives I choose…my six year old runs the remote far more adeptly than I can – so it’s gonna have to be books. Love Elizabeth Gilbert, Brene Brown and right now am halfway through The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo. Almost always some sort of anatomy or Pilates book in the rotation as well.

I am sleeping by…fingers crossed 11pm after Iput on essential oils (lavender, white angelica and stress away), close my eyes and knock out while intentioning about sharing and giving more in this beautiful life!

Interview with Amy Jordan, Founder of WundaBar

Would you explain what WundaBar is and tell a little about a typical class?

WundaBar is – at it’s core – Pilates, Reinvented. Before WundaBar you had two choices in Pilates – Slow-and-Cerebral, or Pound-It-Out with no methodology. WundaBar Pilates is the first to bridge that gap. We combine intensity with integrity of movement in Pilates – all on our exclusive WundaFormer.

WundaBar’s classes combine work on all four apparatuses of the WundaFormer, taught with beautiful biomechanics and exceptional flow, at a cardio-intense pace. We work from the inside out, initiating every move from the core, cranking up the heart rate and improving our clients’ experiences in their own bodies. The results are true strength and fitness, and in only 45 minutes – because who’s got time for more than that??

You say that WundaBar combines the Reformer, Wunda Chair, Ballet Bar and Jump Board into one incredible, patented machine. Can you explain this and tell readers about the WundaFormer?

You bet! I opened my first Pilates studio with a reformer – but my own in-depth training included so many more apparatuses that I was dying to share with my clients. The studio I owned simply didn’t have the room to add more equipment. So – as one is wont to do – I sketched a machine that combined them all into one, on a plane in 2010. Ignorance is truly bliss I had no idea what an undertaking this would be, but nine months later I had my son and the first prototype rolled off the factory floor. The simplest way to describe the WundaFormer is that it’s like the Swiss-Army knife of Pilates machines. Everything you need in one!

The fitness world seems to grow and change daily.  Why did you choose this type of exercise and how does it differ from everything else out there.

I personally found Pilates during a difficult time in my own life, and in class each day I felt focused and strong – I HAD to share it with my hometown in Montrose CA and my passion has only grown from there. As a person who’s struggled with injuries and finding the motivation to exercise (I never consistently worked out prior to Pilates) this was a massive and empowering shift in my life. I went from corporate America to launching a Pilates lifestyle brand seemingly overnight and no one has been more surprised – and delighted – by this journey than me!

Many of our WundaLovers have tried it all – spin, HIIT, cross fit, yoga, marathon running, and more. I’ve gotta say, I love movement and applaud anyone making it an essential part of their life. What we do at WundaBar isn’t a fad. It’s true and DEEP movement – literally from the bones out as we flow through the repertoire. The depth of challenge, the constant evolution of the WundaBar approach and how we share it keeps it fresh and keeps our devotees coming back for more!

Many LivLight readers do not live close to a WundaBar location, can you tell them about THE MOVEMENT?!?

I am so genuinely excited about this — the first time I’ve shared WundaBar outside of the four walls of the studio!

When you can’t Wunda in a studio…Wunda-at-home with the PILATES MOVEMENT by WundaBar.  We’ve translated the in-studio experience to take our signature moves, cardio pacing, and incredible results into 30 min streaming workouts to take with you wherever you wander! These are wicked challenging, core-shredding, full body workouts created to help you to feel stronger, longer and 100% empowered! I’d be so jazzed to have LivLight readers join me to make 2018 YOUR year of Pilates!!