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I am so excited to feature Juliane on LivLight because she is a total wellness guru and detox expert, an unbelievable plant-based chef, and a super kind and lovely person. I had been hearing about Juliane for months from my sister and other friends, and absolutely couldn’t wait to meet her. Juliane came to stay with us in NC for a week and it was truly one of the delicious weeks of my life. Every dish she makes is better than the last, and she even proved to my mostly carnivore husband, LivCooks, how delicious plant-based food can be.

Juliane knows everything about cleansing, detox, plant-based food, integrative nutrition, cooking, and can even cure your common cold! Hope you’ll read on for her “Light”ning Round and interview to learn more about Juliane and why she believes plant-based nutrition and detox are so important.

“Light”ning Round

I am…Juliane Henrique and I am a…holistic, plant-based chef, and detox expert.

My alarm goes off atwhen I’m working 6 a.m., when I’m not working, I sleep a little longer than that!

The first thing I do is…drink water! When you sleep, you are fasting, so the first thing you want to put in your body when breaking the fast is water! This will wake your system up and help your colon absorb nutrients throughout the day. It will also increase the production of blood in muscles and cells, boost your metabolism, and help you with your morning bowel movement.

My favorite product is…coconut oil.

For breakfast, I eat…eggs and green juice.

My uniform is…dresses…I loveeeee summer dresses!

My go-to workout is…ballet, cycling, yoga, and Pilates. And, I loveeeee hikes! 

My favorite activewear is…I’m obsessed with Carbon 38!

Lunch is…salad at Rumi’s kitchen in Atlanta! I love Persian food!

Snack is…tofu paste, hummus or guacamole with some gluten-free crackers.

My version of self-care…

For my body: I like to go on a walk around the park and drink green juice.

For my mind: I unplug for an hour, at least, before I go to bed!

For my soul: I write down at least 5 things I’m thankful for every day!

To drink…water.

My favorite dinner is…grilled vegetables or any Brazilian food! I live for rice and beans.

Of books, Netflix or Housewives I choose…usually books! But I do love Netflix too! Chef’s Table is my favorite show!

I am sleeping by…no later than 12am.

 after I…meditate.

Interview with Juliane Henrique, Holistic Plant-Based Chef and Detox Expert

Tell us about what you do and about your background?

I have been cooking since I was six-years-old! As a child in the south of Brazil, we would harvest our own organic vegetables and fruits at school! And, after that, we learned how to cook! Those are the best memories of my childhood! There are also lots of chefs in my family! My cousin is a detox guru in Brazil and my aunt is the best plant-based chef in the world! She taught me everything I know! My dad was a big part of everything too! He always believed that the cure for any disease was in what we put in our mouth,  so I grew up taking holistic juices and teas instead of medicines.

What is your general eating philosophy when not detoxing and how does this change during detox?

When we eat well, we feel well!  Having a mostly plant-based diet is all about having the highest level of respect for your body and in the process transforming yourself through nutritiously dense foods that promote deep cellular cleansing. It’s not a temporary way of eating with a start and an end date but it is an ongoing lifestyle change!

How often do you recommend people detox and what should they always cut out?

It depends…people’s habits and lifestyle are so different, but it’s always good to give your body a break! I have to meet each person and learn about their habits to give you a better answer! However, I believe people should absolutely cut out dairy! Milk is a white puss-like fluid from a big lethargic enslaved animal. Dairy is mucus-forming, acid-forming, and is generally filled with all sorts of antibiotics and hormones that you are injecting into your bloodstream.

What is the best way to reintroduce regular eating habits while still staying on track after detox?

I always recommend my clients go slow with re-introducing animal proteins! Start with some fish and lots of vegetables and salads! Try to avoid red meat as much as possible! Eggs in the morning are good too.

What do you believe to be the purpose and benefits of detox?

A detox is the ancient method of cleansing your body of toxins, wastes, acids, fungus, and parasites so you can give your tissue a chance to regenerate. As we rid the body of toxicity and acidosis, the innate healing power of the cell and of the body unfolds. This is where new tissues are born!

What is the best way for people to detox on their own (when they don’t have you in the kitchen ;)))

Eating as clean as possible! 73% raw is my suggestion! Always start your meal with a salad, so you can alkalize your body before you introduce food! Stay away from sugar and dairy! And, drink a lot of green juice!