Can you even remember what sports bras used to look like? They were white, matronly, full coverage and anything but sexy. If you still have those in your top drawer, it’s time for a clean out! With sheer, mesh and open-back tops in full-force and on the rise, we certainly cannot have those grandma bras popping out from underneath.

The new sports bra is full of straps, bright colors and patterns, and is definitely bringing sexy “back!”

What about support from these sexy back bras though? Don’t fret…there are cute versions at all levels of support. However, the only way to really know is to run around or jump up-and-down in the bra to make sure it’s enough support for you. It also obviously depends what sort of activity you plan to do while wearing the bra, so keep that in mind before attempting a 5K in a skimpy version!

Below are some of my favorite sexy back #LivLightPicks listed by level of support. Hope you’ll give them a try and let me know what you think!


Light Support

Alo Yoga, Sunny Strappy Bra, $54
Lululemon, Free to be Zen Bra, $52
Victoria’s Secret, Crossback Sport Bra, $20

Medium Support

Lorna Jane, Confidence Sports Bra, $72.99
Bodyism, Alex Bra, $105
Lululemon, As You Like Bra, $58

High Support

Lorna Jane, Sculpt Compression Bra, $69.99
Intelliskin, Essential 2.0 Bra, $120
Carbon 38, Ion Sports Bra, $79